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When life knocks you down...you spend 60€ - Quarto dia

Day 4

Steps walked = 31,720

Miles walked = 12.3

Number of times I smiled = Countless

The other day (after Day 3) I could barely post anything 1) out of sheer exhaustion, 2) out of shock that my body walked 22 miles and 3) I couldn’t put together my thoughts...so here goes...

Day 3 was the knock-down battle I needed to have with my self for so many reasons.

1) I wanted to finish was the guidebook suggested.

2) I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this on my own.

3) I wanted to see how far I could push myself.

Notice that in the above list, every bullet point starts with “I wanted”...but that’s the thing about life in general, it’s never what we want, we just play with that cards that are dealt to us. Well, the end result...near disaster and almost throwing in the towel to give up this dream of finishing the Camino.

I made the smart move and reserved a hotel ahead of time. The price tag not soo favorable, but after the hellish hike...60 euros was totally worth it. And it surely didn’t disappoint:

After a good night’s rest sleeping like the Queen of Sheba hit by a semi-truck, I woke up yesterday morning feeling a little sore and quite dubious about the hike ahead. I either had to muscle my way through the day’s hike or pack up my bags and go home. So I chose the third option, walking at my own pace and stop paying attention to the guidebook and all the other pilgrims’s that I’ve met.

The result: the most joyful day of hiking.

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