• Diana

Ancient Roman roads/bridges and Medieval Fortresses - Quinto dia

Steps walked = 26,529

Miles walked = 10.36

Blister count = 1.5

The hike down the ridge of the mountain from Rubiães was spectacular, quiet, and frankly 100 times easier than days 3 and 4. The highlight of my hike was being able to walk on weathered, ancient Roman roads And bridges that are neatly tucked into the majesty of the wilderness that surround them. The views from the hike down were beautiful as expected...but the best was saved for last in the town of Valença.

To be able to marvel at the ingenuity of the ancient Romans is quite the treat. My inner history nerd was giddy walking by this beautiful, tranquil irrigation channel. It doesn’t look like much but it‘s thanks to this that the farms are able to have the gorgeous fields of crops.

Once I got down to the valley where Valença and Tui meet, I was able to just take in EVERYTHING that Portugal has to offer in the Medieval fortress of Valença. I also was super stoked to have people totally understand me as the border between the two countries is fluid and more Spaniards were lurking around the old town 😂. The following pictures speak for themselves...the town is just LUSH with culture and history.

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